I have been trying to find information and contacts for various overseas companies. I have been in touch with Wackenhut but I was wondering if anybody has info on some of the companies that provide fire and ems in the Middle East. I've seen open positions for KBR, ITT, PAE,and Dyncorp. ITT is offering fire positions in Qatar, Dyncorp is offering fire positions in Kuwait and Medic positions in Kabul, PAE has fire in Dijibouti, KBR has fire in Afghanistan.

The information they post in their website is generic and only provides the job description. Does anybody know what each company offers as far as how their work schedules are, conditions, typical call volume, etc. Also, what kind of salaries do they offer, incentives, locations. I've put in applications but have not heard back from anybody. If anyone has specific contact info they'd be willing to share that would be great. There are a bunch of us from my department looking at going overseas for a year. We are at one of the busiest departments in the country and are also paramedics. Some of us qualify for firefighter positions and others have officer certs. I'm assuming the companies in the middle east offer the highest salaries so that is why we are concentrating there. People in our area are starting to get furloughed and pay decreases due to the economy.