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    Question Replace one or two rigs?

    I am working on an AFG grant for our department with another firefighter and an interesting question came up. Our department wants to (ideally) replace two smaller and older tankers with one new 3000 gallon one. Both rigs have numerous maintenance and safety issues- one is a former milk truck- but my fellow grant writer questions whether or not we should state our intention to replace both trucks in the narrative.

    Her reasoning is that it might raise some eyebrows that we intend to put two rigs (housed in separate stations) out of service. Should we just focus on the worst offender of the two (a toss-up; that's another story though) or include our intention to replace both?

    Anyone have any input/suggestions?

    Thanks ahead of time!

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    Default Talk about both--replace only one

    My personal opinion is talk about both of these tenders/tankers in the narrative. HOWEVER state that you will only be replacing the worst one. If you have any intentions of replacing the other with other sources of funding state this also, because it shows a working replacement plan, nit just random want of FEMA funds to replace. It will make you sound more organized.

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    Either just mention one as needing replacement and ignore the other one in the narrative, or if you're going to mention both as death traps then they both need to go.

    Depends on your need, if you won't need both then get rid of them both if they are that unsafe. Or go for replacing one and that way you can trash the one as required by AFG and sell the other since it has nothing to do with the grant at that point if you don't talk about the need to replace it.

    But it won't raise any eyebrows if they both need to go and you replace them both with a single truck. If you don't have the personnel to run two trucks then you have a valid reason for only needing one.

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