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    Smile Performance Appraisals

    Our department is currently in the process of developing a new performance appraisal. Does anyone here have a performance appraisal that they are proud of and is directly related to the position; rather than a generic one for all City employee's? If you do, would you please send me a copy.

    Thank You

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    Default Evaluation Form

    PM or Email me, I can send you the one I developed for our FD.

    Mike S.
    This comment is intended to be taken at face value. Nothing in this comment should be interpreted as anything more than what is written. There’s no hidden meaning, and I’m not upset about anything.
    It’s not intended to upset anybody, “beat a political drum”, or “stir the pot”. There’s no need to try to read in between the lines.
    It’s just not that deep, so stop looking for something that isn’t there.

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