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    Default Scba: Nfpa 1981-1997

    Didn't get much of a response in the other thread.

    Has anyone been successful in replacing SCBA that meet 1997 edition of 1981, perhaps with good justification and high call volume?

    I have an application with packs greater than 12 years old, but they were early edition of 1997 and quite beat up. (Significant call volume)

    I read that someone had their replacements for 1997 edition packs removed from the award. I understand what the guidance said last year, and presumably it will remain similar this year. Just trying to see how much of a waste of time this will be.

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    Call volume is the main indicator of wear, had a lot of folks get theirs replaced but most were in the 3 digit figure for fires (combo of vehicle and structure). Ideally they ask for age and compliance level since 97 compliant could mean 1997 packs or 2002 packs. One is almost done for, the other obviously only halfway through useable life.

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    Had a couple that I helped work on last year get funded.

    One department had SCBA ranging from 8-15 years old that had 273 incidents with 58 combined fires.

    The other department had SCBA ranging from 8-10 years old that had 1914 incidents with 15 combined fires.

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    Good deal.

    Around 800 calls per year; 60-70 "fire" incidents.

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    Should have read a little more before posting. Thinking I found the answer to my question (and Sly's) over here.

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