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    I am looking for more information about "on-deck". I have read the articles about Phoenix Fire's On Deck program. What I am looking for is how to implement it and what the three stages of it are. Operations and Rehab are two of them I know there is a third that you go to after two bottles. I would really like to see how some have implemented this system and see what works and what does not.

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    I work in the phoenix system. On-deck is an assignment to basically be next to do anything. You arrive on scene and get assigned On-deck. You bring your manpower, tools, and report to the area of entry for interior crews. You are now on stand-by to relieve crews, secure utilities, act as RIC, ect.

    Not exactly sure sure what you mean by the 3 stages. Go to Phoenix fire departments website and look for Volume 2 Phoenix regional dispatch standard operating procedures and look for the on-deck section.

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    On Deck
    “On Deck” is defined as; a forward staging position located just outside the immediate hazard
    zone, safely distanced from the entrance of a tactical position/Sector. On Deck crews will be
    supervised either by the Sector Officer or Company Officer and they will remain On Deck until
    assigned by the IC or Sector Officer. The most likely assignments for On Deck companies are:
    • Reinforce a position within an assigned sector
    • Crew relief within an assigned sector
    • Any other tactical position assigned by the IC
    • Rapid intervention crew
    Once the IC has deployed units to the critical sectors around the incident scene, the IC must then take
    a proactive aggressive approach to assigning additional resources to those sectors. This is best
    achieved by assigning staged resources as On Deck crews to those areas as soon as they arrive in
    staged positions. Layering On Deck crews around the fire ground will also provide the IC with the
    tactical reserves to manage the standard work cycle or sudden and unexpected incident events.
    Assigning On Deck crews is done simply by contacting a staged company and directing them to go On
    Deck in a specific geographic location or sector. The order would sound like this: “Command to Engine
    5, go On Deck on the north side of the structure, Engine 1 is your accountability and resource location,
    you are assigned to north sector”.
    A crew assigned to an On Deck position will need to park their apparatus in a manner that doesn’t
    block access to the scene. Crews must be intact with full PPE, forecast the need for and collect all the
    necessary tools/equipment and report directly to their assigned location. Upon arrival, the On Deck
    company must contact the IC or their Sector Officer and inform them that they are in position and ready
    to go to work.
    M.P. 201.01A 6/05-N Page 2 of 2
    On Deck crews must remain intact, in a ready state and monitor the tactical channel at all times. On
    deck crews must also size up the area that they are assigned to, this size up should include:
    • Locating the structures entrance/exit points in their assigned area
    • Interior and exterior conditions
    • Unit ID of crews operating inside the structure
    • Approximate location of interior crews
    • Identify which crews are operating each hose line
    When an on deck crew is used as a relief crew, the Company Officer should do a face to face and
    transfer information with the officer exiting the structure. The information transferred should include:
    • Interior conditions
    • Routing instructions to the work area
    • Interior obstructions
    • Additional tools/resources required
    • Sector objectives

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    Go to the phoenix fire dept website. Go to info for fire departments, then to Standard Operating Procedures-Volume 2 and go to the on deck section I believe its m.p.201.01. My department is on the phoenix regional dispatch system and we operate on volume 2 as well. Wjhat you are looking at is In transit, On Deck and Company recycle procedures.

    All on deck does is stack up companies near the point of entry in order to fill needed roles or to relieve companies. Basically you would arrive on scene and be assigned on deck, you would grab your manpower and tools and report near the point of entry. At that time you wait, you can be asked to do many things while waiting like securing utlities/gas, you could be used to replace crews who come out for rehab, you could be asked to bring in another line if theinterior crews need help. You will be the RIC if a rescue is needed. They like to get companies staked 3 deep. Which in our system is easy. You get a 3-1 dispatch with a recue and 2 battalion chiefs on your initial fire dispatch, once it goes working you get a 4th engine a utility and rehab unit. But the beauty of it is by the time you even get on scene a couple more engines and usually a ladder/squad has added on and you have a first alarm on every fire so manpower is everywhere if needed.

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