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    Smile Rescue Apparatus

    Our county has formed a new USAR team and have been lucky to receive State Homeland security funding for the equipment and a trailer. However, I've found that we quickly outgrew the trailer with all of the equipment. I've attempted to find some funding for a heavy rescue or a vehicle that would work with no success. An old beverage style truck or preferably truck and trailer combo. would work well. Does anyone out there have any ideas of how to get one of these vehicles or where to find if anyone would be willing to donate an older surplus heavy rescue or beverage truck to our team? We definately don't need something new. If anyone has gone through this with their own rescue team and has some suggestions, my ears are open. Our team definately needs the help. Thanks!

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    Wink used rescue truck

    send me an e-mail ryan@aspenllc.com. I think I can help you out!

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    A lot of beverage companies look for the tax deduction, so I would start with the closest distributer. The next regional team over from us has one and it is very nice. It was donated by someone that I can't remember.
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    Arrow Say Pepsi Please!!!

    Around here our local Pepsi Distributor has always come through for several departments for ole drink trucks that have made some REALLY nice rescues and support trucks!
    And I love thier product too!
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