I am in a firefighter process and am going to have my background/poly/psych pretty soon. I will also add that I am a career firefighter currently looking to change cities.

My question is...

I have these tests coming up and I dont know how much I need to be worried about my current situation...

I will occasionally drive after I have been drinking when honestly I know I probably shouldnt be driving. I dont even drink that often, but a few times, up until recently I have driven home from being out drinking with friends for dinner and so on. I dont get drunk when I drink, but I will admit I feel buzzed sometimes when I drive home.

I will add, I have no arrest history at all, no moving traffic violations ever, NO DUI's, minimal pot use last time being 6 years ago, have excellent credit and own my own house.

Should I be worried about admitting to driving buzzed during the background check and poly if they ask? Do you think that they will disqualify me for admitting to buzzed driving a few times a year?