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    Default 'Bumping' and pay

    So, you are in a union position that gets eliminated (staff, lets say). You drop down into an open FF position. Do you keep the rate of pay you just had or do you drop to the rank pay rate you had when on the line. Not looking for opinions here, just actual knowledge on any laws or practices.
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    Your answer will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. There may be wording in your CBA, there may be an ordinance contained within your particular city that mandates a policy, or even a state labor law that is enacted.

    Here, it is a city ordinance that once promoted, you maintain that pay rate unless demoted as punishment, or by voluntary action. The exception is if the promotion is a temporary, or non-permanent promotion. In that case, the person taking the temporary promotion knows the deal.

    If a person moves into an administrative type of promotion, meaning a non-sworn, or non-field supervisory position, they revert back to their previous pay grade if they leave that position, for any reason.
    All sworn personnel here are union up to the battalion chief level. We do have administrative lieut's and captains, who do not retain that rank if they work over-time in a line company, and work their over-time at firefighter pay, rather than lieutenant or captain pay. They are sworn members of the department, but they are not sworn fire lieutenants or captains, if that makes sense.
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