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    Default Gain the edge. Here's an idea.

    Hey folks,

    Thereís lots of competition out there. We all know that, but how do you get the edge? Thatís the real question. Well, hereís an idea. If you know this already please forgive the intrusion.

    Iím a recent retiree, and throughout my career I had the pleasure of hosting young wannabes (pardon the expression), who rode with us on eight-hour stints. Ride-alongs are what we call it. These are easy to set up, and free. And for those eight hours the young person had our complete attention. That is, 4 firefighters willing to answer any questions you have, and eager to give advice on how to get hired Ė all during an eight hour tour! You just canít beat that! In fact, many of our riders ended up Ė a little while later Ė as probies working in our firehouse. This is flat out (my opinion of course), the best way to gain that edge.

    If you are interested in a ride-along, contact your local department. If they donít offer it, contact another department in your area. Find someplace they will allow it. If you can get it, you will gain more insight than anywhere else. Not enough people opt for this route. I donít know why.

    Also, if you want to see exactly what youíll be getting into Ė the Fire Academy that is Ė check out this documentary at: www.rickysribshack.com. Itís a real eye opener. It will give you an idea of what to prepare for.

    For those of you who have done ride-alongs in the past, post on these boards and let the folks out there know what itís like. And let them know where they can ride.

    Good luck

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    Nice advice rhbieber. I noticed that this is a doc on Denver and I am currently deep in the process with them from their '08 testing. DFD is my dream dept. I gotta say that just viewing the few clips about the movie, it looks like a top notch kick *** training program and I think I'll order the movie just to learn more about it. Are you an active FF with DFD? Does DFD do ride-alongs?

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