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    Default Contracting: I have all the certs, no experience though

    Does anybody know of any contractors that hire without experience? I have all my certifications but don't have any experience in the real world outside of academy. I know I have good recommendations if I need them...can I get this job?!? ..........I had a teacher Friday from Gladstone,MO that said he had a student drop straight from academy into a dipsatcher job in Iraq....I've applied to every company I can come across, do I need to join one of these crazy sites like Dangerjobs.com or civiliancontracting.com to get better results???

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    Experience is important. Without it you have no credibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabarczyk86 View Post
    Experience is important. Without it you have no credibility.
    Completely true. Certs mean nothing. But I would not recommend paying to join those sites you mentioned. You can find everything you need to know about FF contracts abroad in these forums. You just need to spend some time and read through a lot of pages (and bs) to get what you need. Or just ask in a new thread. Someone out there will have the info you need.

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