today i visited my local firehouse(Fontana CA) and they told me the best way to become a firefighter is to start of by joining wildland firefighting. the chief(i think that's what his title is) told me that if i go up to the mountains after i graduate from the firefighting academy and become a wildland firefighter for 4-5 years than i can transfer to the city firedepartment and they will take me over the guys that are just coming out of college.

i just got a couple of questions:
1)where do i apply once im done with all my school, because i want to apply for every wildland firefighting position in the U.S, even if its the small population states like Alaska or Montana because i realy dont care what state i will live in when i graduate, i just want to live my dream of being a firefighter

2)do a lot of people try to get into wildland firefighting?

3)they say wildland is a lot harder than city, how is it harder?(besides the pay cut)

i know i said im in high school but i want to know everything now so i know my battleplan when i graduate, thanks for all the help