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    Default Simple Application question

    The application I'm filling out for the internal investigation form says "U.S. Citizen Yes or NO" then to the right of that it says "Native - Yes or NO"

    Is the the "Native" part just asking if I was born here in the U.S.?


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    they typically are asking if you are an "indian" but in the PC world that can't be asked. I like to answer yes to Native due to the fact I've never lived anywhere else, but that is not the true spirit of what they are asking.

    My most compelling question to that is why are they asking for racial status?
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    Default Wow!!

    I hope you do not fill out many apps. They ask for racial background for their stats. If you are not Native...DO NOT CHECK THAT BOX!! I did because I am you did because you did not understand the question.
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    It's been a few years since I've filled out an application then.
    My take is that it is asking if you are a naturalized citizen.

    You can always call and ask the testing department/agency.

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    IF it just says " are you a native" they are not asking if you are an " Indian." Simply, they are asking if you are a natural born citizen of the united states.

    They CAN NOT ask about your racial background on an application. In another section on another sheet they may ask for your age, race etc etc so they can gather information on the type of people who are applying.
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    Ok so I called the civil service office.

    On this particular form, It IS asking if you were born in the U.S.

    And yes they do ask about racial status but on a different form. Many companies do ask this as well and as the Form states, it is to comply with federal standards. On that particular form I put White because that's what I am.

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