Hey guys, so heres the deal.

Im not a firefighter, im currently in college for criminal justice to be a cop and one of the classes i have to take is called Ethics where you discuss morally / ethically acceptable things etc etc

So anyway for this class one of the things i have to do is write a research paper on a topic of my choice, and the topic i chose was "Is it Ethical to have Physical Agility Tests for Civil Service Jobs"

One of the requirements for this paper is that i do "field work" and get peoples opinions that are actually in the field on this topic, hence why im here, haha

Do you guys beleive that PT tests should be required to be firefighters? One of the issues i read about while researching this was Women Firefighters in particular and the issue of one female firefighter that could not pass the PT test and she sued the department for discrimination and was actually allowed to become a firefighter without even passing the PT test whatsoever, what is your guys opinions on this?

Just trying to get some input on this topic to help me write my paper if possible, also if you reply could i just get your first name, you dont have to give me your last name if you dont want, and also the department you work for. I have to site all my sources for my paper in the references page

thanks guys!