I have my paperwork completed and I plan on going for my physical this Monday.I met and talked with my assigned "mentor" and the Dep.Chief of the department.They want me to go to a drill on tuesday and then the following Tuesday go to the company meeting to be voted in.I'm both excited about the prospect of being a volunteer firefighter and a bit nervous.I think the hard part for me will be going to the first call.Not out fear or being scared-I'm not-but of screwing up because it is all so foreign to me.What if I go through the physical and the voting and the first call and find it's n ot for me.I don't want to waste their time and money.But I really want to give this a shot.Could anyone tell me about their first time in the department(i.e.,first call,day to day activities,etc.Thank you in advance and sorry the post was so long.