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    Default Recognition/Awards

    Couple of questions about annual awards/recognition for volunteer departments.

    1. What kinds of awards are typically given out:
    a. top responder?
    b. outgoing officers?
    c. above and beyond the call of duty--work on a special project?

    2. Do you give out awards for particular incidents? I can see giving awards if a crew makes a rescue, but how about a bread and butter room and contents fire?

    3. If you give an award for a particular incident (not a rescue), where do you draw the line? First due crew? Only the interior firefighters? Interior firefighters plus ventilation crew? Tough line to draw, right?

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    Default awards

    we give out what i would consider the normal awards. Rookie of the year both fire and Ems, Emt of the year, Firefighter of the year, and officer of the year.

    We also have give awards for members who make the highest amount of runs and meetings.

    Now about a award for a incident or a run. We dont give out for the bread and butter stuff. But each year the chief takes note of a couple of runs that the crew stepped it up or something really could came out of the whole thing. For this past year we had the family come in from a car wreck, family of six in the van rolled over pinned one, others all walked away for the most part. The one that was pinned meet the crew who helped free her and transport. If you want a little more information about what we do shot me a pm.

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    we give out probie,firefighter and ems of the year awards. We also reward the top five responders. Out going chiefs also get plaques and their helmets.

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    Fire Dept members vote for annual "Rookie", "Firefigher" award. Plus there is the "OH Sh*t" award. Last year the rookie of the year also collected the oh sh*t award.

    First Resonders don't give annual awards, except to members who are leaving the group. Certificates for 3 years or less service, plaques for over 3 years. This year our training officer retired instead of a plaque we bought an accessary for her Harley.
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    firefighter of the year (voted on by dept)

    rookie of the year

    training award

    Captains award (I got it last year not 100% sure what it is for. But seems to be someone the capt thinks is doing good for the dept. I guess kinda like a #2 firefighter of the year)

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    We give...

    Firefighter of the Year...based on training and call attendance, willing to accept challenges and responsibility, willingness to mentor newer people, initiative, & overall performance and attitude.

    Rookie of the year...Same as above.

    EMT of the year...Same as above.

    Blooper of the year...Someone who really made a mistake that we poke fun at. Nothing serious, just something funny.

    Years of service....a plaque for every 5 years of service

    If there is something special like a special rescue or circumstances we will give something out too.
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