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    Hey guys and gals. My name is Brandon. I currently have nothing going for me except that I'm prior military...no EMT certs. Just basic first aid training, a ship board aircraft firefighting class, and the unfortunate history of having to use fire extinguishers. I currently have a test date (April 18th) for LA City and I'm getting myself in better shape for the CPAT. I would like to apply for LA County but I need to do a CPAT first. If anyone has any advice or knowledge of surrounding fire departments, please hit me up!

    I work at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena and I've been talking to the fire guys down there. Great bunch of guys but I don't want to completely tap them out with all my questions.

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    Hello Brandon. Welcome to the forum.

    Brady Lewis
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    Talk to the guys at Camp 2, they are up on who's hiring and what's happening.
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    Brandon- Please go to www.californiafirefighter.com. You will find some Marines there and more people to help you out.


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