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    Hey everyone, I'm a civi that is VERY interested in working for the Presidio FD of San Francisco. This is one of my dream depts. I'll do anything to get this position. Is there any tips/advice you all could give me in hopes of obtaining this job. Thanks for the help


    PS- How can I obtain my Class B license? Is it only possible through a fire dept. or can I just take a test? If someone can fill me in on this process as well it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again everybody

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    The future of Presidio Fire is up in the air right now. When you get a chance, swing by the station and ask about " the Trust " and whats going on.
    Class B - you can go take the written and get your permit but in order to get the license, you'll have to take the pretrip, cone test, and over the road test in an engine.

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    Hmm..You can take a Class B test in almost anything that fits the class. Dumptruck, plow truck, ect. My recommendation though would be to take the pre-trip and drive test in what you will be driving and do it in a Manual transmission. Remeber when you go to get your permit that fire engines typically have air brakes and a tank full of water. So you need to take the Air brakes and tank portions of the written as well. It really helps to have someone that has plenty of experince behind the wheel for driving practice and tips and tricks with the Walk-around aka pre-trip.

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