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    And one last one.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by txgp17 View Post
    For the record, we're supposed to be seated and belted when in motion. Unless you're 6'9", I don't think you'd have a problem donning while seated.

    I put on my bunker gear, and done the SCBA when I get on scene.
    I'm glad someone said what I was thinking. Butts in the seat with your belts on boys. Do you need a raised roof in your own car?

    Seriously, I've tried bunking out in the back of a moving rig before and ceiling height is the least of the problems with that idea. And four guys trying to bunk at the same time just sounds like a disaster in the making to me. We have a Spartan flat-top pumper and ceiling height has never been an issue at any time for us. From a purely aesthetic point of view I like the cleaner lines of a flat-top over a raised-roof on just about any brand of custom cab but of course looks always take a backseat to function.

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    Already mentioned, but, what about going with a notched roof, you could add 12 inches or so and still be well within your tolerances

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    Default some other considerations

    a few things that we did with our last custom which is a 22" raise though not a spartan but things to ask about when considering a raised roof. Travel height around us is no problem ... some low trees but thats about it. With going to the raised roof some things we are able to do that we wouldnt without it. The AC unit which would be directly over the engine tunnel between the driver/officer and back crew would restrict interaction between the crew in the back and front. Next we wouldnt be able to mount our handlights for the crew on the back wall above the headrests as the roof would be very close to there. we also have a ric bag which we mounted above the water can on the back wall next to the forward facing seats which with a flat roof we wouldnt have the height to do this. Our cab is designed so that you can arrive and have your initial compliment of tools without having to go further than your riding position this also gives us more compartment space on the outside for other tools. This unit is a rescue pumper by the way. Also the way our bay is configured we all enter on the passenger side door its much easier to walk without crouching to the other side of the truck to get to the far seat. I agree once the truck is in motion you should be sitting but when returning equipment to the cab it is again more friendly on the back to stand up than bend over. Point being yes you can deal with a flat roof, however if it is free or cost is no option why not have the added luxiery. If you have to choose between that or something more practical than learn to duck walk well. Look at the raised roof and if there are no cons to having it in ur district, height issues, midmounts you lose scrub area which isnt good, budget issues than get it.

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