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    Default Vendors

    I realize that this is a stretch to make this on-topic for this area, but here goes.

    I noticed that a lot of vendors don't even recognize your department until you get a grant, and they wonder why we don't give them the time of day after we were ignored like that when we do get a grant.

    I just sent out a message, BCC to a number of fire equipment vendors in the midwest. I outlined my meager budget, how much I had to spend and my need for a skid unit for our brush truck.

    We just got wiped out by a major ice storm. All that dead fall is now burning. Our existing brush truck is having issues on each fire. We run two stations, and need two brush trucks.

    I have a little money to spend. Very little, but comparable to what I have seen some used basic skid units go for. I was upfront on how much that is.

    I also noted that we were applying for a grant to buy one, and hope to go tax based by the end of the year - which would provide us funds to buy a new one, however this was an immediate need.

    Out of about 24 vendors, 2 gave me the courtesy of a reply. One said he had nothing in stock at this time, but would keep and eye out for us. The other offered us a new one, on a 0 interest loan.

    I can't do the financing thing until I know I have the funds to make the payments, but want to bet out of those 24 vendors which ones will get the bid package for a new one when we can afford it?

    The other ones - I guess I just don't have a valid email address to send them the bid package, because surely they would have at least given me the courtesy of a reply - even to say they had nothing available. If I don't have a good email address, no point in wasting electrons.

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    Wink Here's a nice used unit for sale

    I was watching used skid units for the last year. They appear quite frequently on Ebay and other websites. We bought our first one on Ebay from NJ parks & recreation. This one got payed forward to another local dept. Our new AFG08 skid unit was delivered two weeks ago. We used it seven times already. Check out this one, it looks like a pretty decent unit.

    Auction closes 4/6/09

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    I have been on that one like a fat boy on cake. Thanks for pointing it out though.

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    Default We would love to bid

    We would love to bid. pm me.

    Be careful out there.

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