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    Quote Originally Posted by upstater View Post

    +1 for using the waist strap for RIT operations, but we shouldn't bust a guys balls just because nobody ever showed him this before. We've all been in his place before.

    Not knowing, and asking a question to learn is one thing, talking sh-t is another.

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    Let's try and keep the postings relevant to the subject. This one and the mayday/LUNAR thread have been progressing well considering the differences in how we each learn and what we learn. Let's not let the productive information denegrate.

    Thank you,
    "If you put the fire out right in the first place, you won't have to jump out the window."
    Andy Fredericks,
    FDNY E.48, SQ.18
    Alexandria, VA F.D.

    Rest in Peace

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    OK $.02 time.

    Let's start with the topic. I on occasion don't wear the waist straps either, and that is dependent on the nature of the call. Now I'm and I'm sure everyone else is fully aware that the manufacturers put them there for a reason, but as was stated there are factors that go into making the decision to connect them or not. And those decisions are made by the individual just as every other decision is.
    I will now divert off topic for a moment:
    To be quite frank I'm really sick and tired of people who feel that every aspect of this job needs to be regulated. I know when I need to strap my pack "properly" and when I don't. I know when I need to go on air and when I don't. I know how to drive a rig, throw a ladder, stretch a line, crib a vehicle, do CPR, ventilate, overhaul, go in alone, YES ALONE if I have to, ect ect ect. The reason I know these things is because I was TRAINED to do them, not because of some BS regulkation made up by some dweeb sitting in an office somewhere. I for one think it's high time we got back to training our guys to do this job the right way instead of trying to regulate what we do on scene as a way to get it done. Safety is everyones responsibility, but only proper training based on EXPERIENCE will provide for that safety....not a piece of paper from OSHA or the NFPA (which by BTW is made up mostly of the same manufacturers who are trying to sell you all the "safe" new stuff).
    For all the pro regualtion members out there let me just remind you of the cardinal rule of firefighting....PUT THE FIRE OUT AND ALL OTHER PROBLEMS GO AWAY!!!....well we can't put that fire out if we are regulated out of the building now can we?

    As for those who have a beef with the FDNY, well all I know is that my VFD is fortunate enough to have as members a number of FDNY guys including a Capt of R-1 and we thank God everyday for the wealth of info that has been passed on to our membership from them and for their continued dedication to our department. There is NO substitute for experience in this field, and I would advise any FD that has a large busy department nearby to utilze the experience of those guys in training your own. I know for a fact that that experience has made me a good fireman, and has help make my department the respected firefighting organization that it is.
    If your from a slower department learn to do from those who do, not a and your department will be better off.

    Stay Safe and strap up


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    Default Deleted Posts

    Certain posts were deleted as they did not directly relate to the subject, especially after a call to try.
    This was a good thread, good information. Take the back and forth somewhere else.

    Bill C.

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