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    Default E-One pumper contest voting time

    Hey gang,

    I know that everyone is awaiting the start of the AFG period. However, the E-One engine giveaway is now down to 7 finalists, with the story of each department and why they should be awarded.

    It made me think; many of us visit or post here talking about funding limits for hose dryers, tower ladders, or state-of-the-art fire prevention robots. After reading the stories, I bet 99% of you on here are orders of magnitude better off as far as funding and equipment than these folks. Whether you like E-One or not, these stories truly speak of the 'brotherhood' of firefighting and community. Take the time and vote for one of these folks; I'm sure they are all worth it (and really don't care who builds it)!

    After reading some of these stories; it makes you think if giving the old apparatus from AFG awards is really that unsafe?
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    Here's the link to the seven finalists:

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    After you vote on the e-one site, remember to confirm your vote through your email, or it will not be counted.

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