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    Our responses are pre-determined so there is no question of which to bring. A second alarm brings a pre-determined number of apparatus. The IC can also request a specific type of apparatus, in which case, that type is dispatched. If you are dispatched for a tanker, you take the tanker. Keeps things simple.

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    captain ive got. 4 from HRFD 3 From A.A.FD 4 From MFD All of these have a 5000 gallon tanker rolling, 1 from ORFD 3 from W1FD, 3 From SFD, and 3 from D8FD all first alarm sorry i have 32 hydrants in my disrict and they are all on the south end. ive been here 4 years and caught a plug once. and never had to call a second alarm. thank god because all these trucks make it a big cluster. but its parish policy to have more than you need.

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    We mutual aid to a rural dept. often and we usually run our tanker first followed by a personnel car. We usually dont run an engine unless it is within thier city limits or where they have hydrants. Simply because our engine is 30 years old and not the most reliable vehicle we have and our quint is too big to fit down some of thier country roads. Our quint also has a 2000 gpm pump on it and there are concerns about water supply.

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