Hi Everyone!

I'm working with Sirens Media, a television production company, to cast an upcoming MTV series centering around a family with teenagers. One area of specific interest was to potentially cast a family of firefighters or family with one of the parents involved in firefighting. I know this is a random request but we're in a real push to find a made-for-tv family and would appreciate any leads you guys might have. Please find our casting call below!

We've setup a gmail account just for the casting replies, please send any family possibilities to famcasting@gmail.com Thanks!



Is your family life a TV series?

MTV might think so – and we want to hear why YOUR FAMILY would be great on television.

Is your family…
• Too cool for where you live – or misunderstood around town?
• Ultra competitive and overachieving?
• Extremely strict or way too loose?
• Powerful or influential in the town where you live?
• Succeeding in unusual jobs or in a family business that’s different?
• Made up of great athletes – or maybe beauty queens?
• Run by parents close to your own age? Or have parents that don’t act their age?
• Full of siblings that are totally different from each other?
• Unique style mavens or have a one-of-a-kind look?
• Progressive but live in a traditional small town – or very wholesome but live in a big city?
• Living off the grid or totally shaking things up?
• A force to be reckoned with?

If you answered YES to any of these and have TEENAGE KIDS, contact us immediately and tell us your UNIQUE STORY.

Sirens Media in Washington, DC is casting this new series for MTV and wants to know why America would love to watch your family on TV!

Please send an email describing your family, a family photo, and your contact information to:

Jenny at Sirens Media

If you must use snail mail, please send to:
MTV Family Casting
Sirens Media
8505 Fenton Street, Ste 206
Silver Spring, MD 20910

For more information about us, please visit: www.sirensmedia.com. Thanks!