Fire Station expands
Posted by: Our Towns Moderator on March 19, 2009 at 6:34PM EST
Eagle Mountain City hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new fire station expansion located in the Ranches.
The former fire station was in a trailer, where firefighters had to get by with the bare minimum. While working 24-hour shifts, the firemen would sleep in cramped quarters and make do with a serviceable kitchen area.
With the expansion complete, there is now a full kitchen, storage space, comfortable sleeping area, and a training room that will be able to host small community classes.
“It’s going to make a huge difference for our family,” said DJ Conger. “There is more room for us to visit with him while he’s on shift. We can go and have dinner there, and be a part of the firefighter family without being so uncomfortable. We are thrilled.”
The expansion has been a project long awaited by the city. It has taken two years of planning and budgeting to complete, but city officials couldn’t be happier with the result.
“We’re excited to know we can have our firefighters here in this facility,” said Mayor Heather Jackson. “We’ll have better response time which is safer for the community,”
The landscaping isn’t finished yet, and the unimproved area around the fire station will eventually be a park, but the firefighters of Eagle Mountain are happy to have the building completed.