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    Default Illinois fire sprinkler Bill

    Though the news is a couple of weeks old, I thought it will be interesting to share this news item for discussion.

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    I'll admit I have not followed the cases that closeley so I must ask: What arguments are being given against residential sprinklers?

    In todays society where it's cost be damned we must be clean, green, and ultra-safe ( if not for us, for our children, I hear a lot ) how is it being argued against?

    Edit: That being said, if a person just doesn't want such things in their house and cannot be convinced otherwise, I'm not going to be the one to make them. Personal choices made in regards to personal property are just that.
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    DFDMAXX, the codes mentioned are the International Code Council Code Series, which most states have adopted as the standard building code. The new 2009 codes mandate sprinklers in all new 1 & 2 family homes, not to be retrofitted into existing homes (I think thats what you are thinking here......)

    I agree with you if thats the case- Why should the owner of an existing property be forced to install sprinklers at an enormous cost??

    However, for new construction, I am all for mandating them. It is dirt cheap to install them in new construction. Would you want to fight a fire inside a lightweight-construction home with open web truss floors and a truss roof WITHOUT sprinklers??????
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