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    Cool Minitor IV swap help

    i currently have a minitor 2
    i don't know what info you would need to program the minitor 4
    and i don't know how to find any of it.
    Also my department has 2 sets of tones does that require a 2 channel pager.
    all your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Default program minitor

    I hope I understand you question if not please rephrase.

    To program a minitor 3-4-5 you need a computer, the appropriately programming cradle,software and cables for the model you want to program and you need to know what tones/features you want.

    To program the minitor 2 you need tone reeds which are physical parts that need to be installs with channel crystals (for your frequency or fire dispatch/ground)

    you only need 1 channel for dispatch, and on the minitor 3-4-5 I believe they can hold 8 tones per channel. You would get a 2 channel pager if you want to be able to be dispatched and listen to a fire ground channel also, it is kind of like a 2 channel scanner with a pager component.

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    FYI, the III and IV are POS's. Keep the II or score a V. IMHO.

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    Minitor V software is available for free on the Motorola website. The software for the III and IV are not free or easy to get. My recommendation is to get a V and either buy the programming cradle for $100 or make a converter yourself. Its just an RS232 to TTL converter if you know what that is.

    For two sets of tones you only need a single channel Minitor.

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    you can use minitor 5 software to program 3 and 4's

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    you can un screw the phillip head screw at the bottom of the Min II pager and remove the side battery door by pinching the sides together. Pull the top of the pager up (may be hard due to dirt) with your finger nails or such and pull out the guts. On one side will see 2 small wafers that look like chicklets gum and they will have the tone frequencies on them.

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