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Thread: New Engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weruj1 View Post
    post the pics SILLY !!!!!!!!!!!
    Pardon me sir, but I believe we are all over here...... http://forums.firehouse.com/showthread.php?t=107754

    ***Note- I have wanted to say that for a while now! And its more like "Pardon me sir, but I am over here"....... since no one else has even looked at the thread yet
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    Default 450k is high

    You should be able to do that for under 400k. I don't know your area, but look at companies like 4guys,Toyne,Rosey, and Ferrara and you should have no problem getting it for under 400k.


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    wy two cents worth. we purchased a smeal/spartan 6 man 10" raised roof etc. 1000 tank, 20gal foam, 1250 pump, cass a foam with side educt for class b. 6000 harrison hyd gen and 4 scene lights, two on rear tripod, nice unit oct 2006 for 238,890.00 called rep 3 mo ago to check price increase for ins and was told it would cost aprox 240-250,000.00. this is not with the new 1901 specs so like others said add for all that. we have the cummins 330 hp and 5sp allison and it rolls good and dont seam to be underpowered for our area(flat land)
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