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Thread: Will it fit?

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    Default Will it fit?

    I have a TrueNorth Spitfire pack and I am wondering if the Camelbak Hotshot will fit in it. The water bladder from TrueNorth started leaking on a fire I was on last weekend. Thank you for any help.

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    Not sure have not tried it let me know if it does. I run Nimrod gear with a sleeve for a camel back. Problem is trying to work with hose packs using that sleeve sucks. Puts the hose pack in a wierd position and makes it a son of a gun to get water from the camel back after you have emptied half of it.
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    I have the True North Firefly pack, which is similar to the Spitfire. For the hydration bladder I just use a standard 3 Liter Camel Back, the type easily bought at REI/Cabela's or similar store. It fits well in the pouch, and I haven't had any problems with it yet. Hope this helps!

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