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    Hello everybody this is my first post after reading around here a bit. I'm Joe, i'm 26, married, graduation college in a month, and I am a felon. By looking at me, you would probably say I don't look like a criminal. I was 19 and it was check forgery.

    I always wanted to to be a firefighter and I believe I have what it takes mentally and physically.

    Please be patient and let me list some little facts before you decide:

    1. I was young and dumb, I was sentenced to rehab instead of prison, so no jail time.

    2. Over 7 years sober since the event.

    3. I later did a change of plea with probation to a misdemeanor so on a resume I can legally say I have not committed a felony, but if the FBI or someone checked they can see the entire record.

    4. I will have a bachelors degree and I'm married for over 3 years which shows I can commit to something and finish it.

    5. I rock climb, I exercise, and I love all sorts of adrenaline activities.

    6. I have had the opportunity to pull some people out of a car on its side and it was the greatest feeling ever to do something so important and helpful while others just stood around and did nothing.

    7. LASTLY, I am an all around good guy. I am not some dirt bag that did time and became a hardened criminal. I am a young guy on a second chance looking to follow a dream.

    Also I am going to a firefighter career fair in may so I want to ask recruiters their but I don't want to scare them off with the record any tips on what to do?

    Thank you all for your time and I will appreciate all and any of your responses. This is really the only place where I can get a bunch of different answers at once.

    Bay Area, California

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    If you are legally able to have your record expunged or changed to indicate a misdemeanor, then you're ok. If your conviction is cleared/reduced then you can in all honestly say you're not a felon. However, alot of times the application question says "Have you EVER been convicted....blah blah blah." That becomes a question for your attorney as to how you should answer.

    At no time though, should you try to lie, or omit information. You do that, you're done no matter what!

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    That all sounds well and good, but the way background packets are written now days, they ask, have you ever. Have you ever been charge with, taken a plea bargain, had a charge reduce, had a charge expunged, do you have a sealed juvenile record. There is no way you could go into a background investigation with out them getting the whole story.

    If you are truthful and tell them everything you will have little or no chance. If you lie they will find something, no matter how small, and dig until they have it all, then you have no chance. You sound like a fine guy, and Iím not trying to beat you up here, but I really feel you would be wasting your time if you are dead set on working for a full time department in California. I could be wrong, it has happened before, but your chances are very slim and you have a family to think about. Use your time and energies wisely.

    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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    Thank you so much for your feedback.

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    It depends on where you are the city or county policy and what you did to get yourself in the position that you were in.

    A lot of city/counties will look over some infractions depending on what it was, while there are others that will toss your application. If they do a back ground check and it comes back with something they donít like, and then you are cut from the rest of the applicants.
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    It may be along shot but I have heard of guys in you position getting hired. Your lucky in the since that your conviction had nothing to do with guns or drugs. Look into "prision fire depts" or some federal depts. If you would like to talk to some one that knows more about felons getting hired pm me. I know a Capt. at NAF El Centro who may be able to provide more in sight.

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    Joe, you really do sound like a nice guy. I'm not a lawyer, but from what you describe it *sounds* alright.

    Good luck!

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