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    Default NIMS and AFG

    This was sent from; MAINE FIRE TRAINING & EDUCATION on April 3, 2009 in an e-newsletter,

    Good information on NIMS compliance.
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    Your Mr McAleer a busybody looking to cause problems for Maine FD?

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    Looks like everyone needs to be on file as compliant with NIMS in their respective states. Might be something for everyone to check ASAP.

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    Here is what is in the guidance, but as far as numbers what is required? 100,200,400,700 etc...(12)
    Comply with Homeland Security Presidential Directive-5 (HSPD-5). Starting October 1, 2004, HSPD-5 requires all recipients of Federal preparedness funding – including recipients of Federal grants and contracts – to adopt NIMS as a condition for receipt of Federal funds. Recipients of FY 2009 AFG funds must comply with this directive. AFG recipients will be considered in compliance with this NIMS requirement if the grantee: 1) has an operational knowledge of ICS; 2) has an understanding of NIMS’ principles and policies; and 3) agrees to adopt and/or comply with all directives, ordinances, rules, orders, edicts, etc., passed down by local or State authorities with respect to incident management. Organizations already trained in ICS do not need retraining if the previous training was consistent with DHS standards. In order for us to document compliance, grantees will be required to certify their recognition of NIMS/ICS as part of the grant closeout process.

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