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    Default Average fleet age?

    Does anyone out there know the cutoff age of your fleet that the computer would reject your application? We were rejected last year when trying to replace our 1976 pumper.

    We have a 4,000 gallon tanker with a 1993 chassis and tank of unknown age although at least ten years older than the chassis. Our fleet average this year is 17 years old with the chassis age. It's 19 years old with the estimated tank age.

    Any ideas on how to report this tanker?
    Thanks for any info!

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    We actually just found out that the tanker is a 1990 chassis (the tank is still at least 10 years older than that) and the pumper we wish to replace is a 1978. The average age of our fleet stays the same - 17 or 19 depending on if you use the age of the chassis or the tank.

    Any suggestions on which age we should use when calculating our fleet average age? We have been told that the "computer" is looking for an fleet average of 20 years. Our chief has suggested we could use the tank (older age) in the average and then explain the chassis is a different age in the narrative.

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