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    Red face Blowing my mind a bit...

    Hey everyone how's it going? I just signed up today but have been looking over posts on the site and I have to say I've learned alot from what people have been talking about on here. I just turned 25 and made the decision to start a career in the fire service a while back. Completed my EMT course and right now I'm in the fire academy finishing up FF1 and about to jump into FF2. I have a BA in Hospitality Management and have been working my butt of in the field to get ahead but haven't been able to and that was one of the reasons I decided to pursue a career in this field. It's concerning me a little with some of the stuff people have been talking about in relation to jobs and certs, etc. Along with my student loans that I have from college which thankfully are in deferement while I'm in class, I had to take out a loan in order to do EMT and FF1&2 which all are going to be needing payments pretty soon. Being down here in South Florida I hear about the issues about finding jobs and everything and even though I don't let it get to me, it is a motivator killer. While I won't be able to do my medic right after fire because of financial and other reasons, that doesn't mean I don't want to get my certification in it. I figured that after I get out of fire I would go for as many certs as I can to build up the resume a bit since I wouldn't have the medic yet. Has anyone else done this and has it helped you out with the application process? I know for sure that I'll be applying to everywhere I can within reason and that I could be facing a long time before any job offers come up. I guess this was more of a "letting my thoughts out" post then anything else! I was also curious how most of you find out about job openings. Some of my classmates have applied for jobs already and lucked out by just hearing about them right before the closing deadline even though they don't have their certification yet. Thank and sorry for the long read.

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    You're best bet is to contact every department by phone or e-mail. You could wait to see who advertises on the internet, in a trade journal, or in the newspaper but the early bird gets the worm. If you go work hard you'll get a job!

    Good luck.

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    Welcome to the Fla forums, from one Palm Beacher to another. I hate to say it but if you want a job down here a medic cert is what you got to get. Other certs are nice to have once you get on, but they don't count for squat when your appling anywhere around here. Smaller depts up north and west may look at them and give you extra "points", esspecialy if they aren't ALS providers. Lets face it, we do mostly medical here so medical certs are what depts are requiring you to have in order to apply(read my thread "Stop crying..."). Keep you eyes on the local papers for hiring announcments, also check out the MESH testing in Broward http://meshprogram.com/ this is a great tool and many Broward FD's use this to hire. Good luck!
    If your going to cry about doing the job you signed up for do us all a favor and quit, there are plenty of dedicated people standing in line for the best job in the world.


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    I feel you man, I was just accepted to the fire college and will be starting class in July, which I can't wait, I to was worried about the jobs in Florida but it's like that with every job today. I set my goal to get FF 1&2 than emt and paramedic certs knowing that was what it was going to take and there may not be a job right after, but if your in for the long haul, you'll get on a department.

    I've been looking at station's to volunteer at after I get my FF certs. You could get on a ems team and keep you eyes open for departments.

    The economy will turn around and jobs will start back up, just keep plugging away and never give up, volunteering is a great way to make connections and open doors and to give back to the community!

    Have you looked at jobs in other states or overseas? Just a thought. I would also check every county's web site for openings.

    Firemedic 61, your "stop crying..." post was right on!!!!

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