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    Default Excess Funds for Fire Prevention Help

    We have excess funds from our 2008 Operations grant. We used a portion of the funds to continue one portion of the grant and want to use the balance to expand our current fire prevention program. Our current program is done at our local grade school. We have two members that work at the school that put on a program each year for grades 2k through 5th grade. This includes about 300 kids each year. We also use a Clarey fire safety trailer during our town spring celebration each year. I am looking for ideas or some written narratives to help with this. We are thinking about asking for to use the excess funds to purchase some smoke detectors and distribute them to members of our community that currently do not have any. Any thoughts or ideas on how to implement something along these lines would be appreciated.

    Stay Safe All
    Good Luck with this years grant.


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    It's pretty much the same deal as the FP narrative itself, only much shorter. If you look at the 2009 Program Guidelines I believe I remember reading what they wanted in the amendment for that in there. Basically what you want to do, what you want money for, why it's needed, how you are going to implement the program and how you'll keep track of the detectors. Limit is 4000 characters so can't go on for too long with it. Plus if you submit and they want more they'll tell you and help correct the sections if needed. They can't deny them if done right and there's no financial argument since the money is yours to spend per the program rules.

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