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    Default Oral Board Question

    Hello All:

    I completed an oral board interview for a PD Dispatcher last week. I was quite intrigued with one of the questions they asked:

    "If a Supervisor or Manager asked you to do something that was legal, but violated department policy, what would you do and why?" The example they gave: "It's against department policy to turn off the lights. Someone runs by your office and shouts, 'Turn off the lights!' and runs away. What would you do and why?

    I told the board that I would follow the command, because the supervisor/manager has his/her reasons for making that particular decision. Also,

    I was then asked, if it was some random person, or someone you didn't know, would you still turn the lights off.?"

    I replied that I would, and then find out what was going on.

    This particular example just seemed so off the wall, it kind of threw me off.

    What do you folks think of this question?


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    If the supervisor told you to do it then do it. You can then explain you were following their instructions and they are held responsible for it.

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