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    Angry Hearing Loss

    So now what to do? How do the siren manufactures make sirens loud enough to clear traffic? Now remember, todays world Drivers usually have 1 or more things happening. Which is windows up,sereo systems blasting,heater or A/C on, texting or talking on cell phones,people talking. Music is a huge problem with sub woofers & many speakers cranked up so loud it rattles the windows on your apparatus. Sirens & airhorns are now in bumpers,enlosed cabs & hearing protection. If You want place blame for not having hearing protection blame the Chief!! Lowering deciples in sirens will only lead to motorists not hearing You @ all, heck they barely hear us comming now if We're lucky. SOme have now usong a Federal Q along with an electric siren, both in use @ the same time & still some do not hear us comming.

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    Smile hearing conservation

    this seems to be a consistent complaint. There is a solution to this for firefighters through a hearing conservation program and custom ear plugs that operate as a headset that plug into your radio. if you would like more information just contact me.

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    Yes, it's a problem but it's not something that louder sirens will take care of when the other driver's automobiles are being made so soundproof. Best thing for us to do is drive sensibly and keep our eyes and ears out for the other guy. Sirens won't help us get there that much quicker anyway.
    Jack Boczek, Chief
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