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    Default Next FDNY Test

    This is a thread for anyone planning on taking the next FDNY test

    Let this be an information dump for anything relating to the next FDNY test (projected to be given sometime in 2011)

    any information on the state of the hiring freeze, the test itself, what to do to prepare, and any other information regarding the hiring process in the next few years can be posted here.

    If you are on the job or have taken the test before, your input and advice would be greatly appreciated, as well as any tips, warnings or helpful hints for those of us who have not been through it yet.

    This thread can be a place to keep up to date with the hiring process and info on the next test.

    thanks in advance brothers.

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    Brother, this is a really great idea but i think its way too early to start going on the firehouse forums for the next firefighter test. They currently have a brand new firefighter list that they just made last year that they havent even broke List# 1,000 on yet. Now with the hiring freeze, closing firehouses, Possible Layoffs, it pushes everything back and almost certain another multi million dollar firefighter test a year or two.

    Im not trying to step on your toes or your dreams and aspirations but the best advice you could get is go on with your life for right now. Go to college for something to continue your education, thats very important, if your not doing that already. For the meantime maybe there are other departments hiring. You certainly should not stress yourself about a firefighter exam that probably wont come for a little while. As far as NYC goes with this economic crisis things arent lookin very good for the hiring of Firefighters.

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    Never too early to start preparing man. The one long term goal that to me, stands out above as an early on thing, that someone could (and may need to) start doing now, more than anything else, is to start working out and getting in the best shape they possibly can.

    Other than that, like the other guy said, keep going to school and keeping abreast of whats new and late and great.
    Quote Originally Posted by jedch47 View Post
    You like me are probably just a small player in this big EMS game. I am sure that it all makes sense to the people in charge. I am under the impression that when you start in upper level managment you lose the majority of your common sense.

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    I'd agree with portions of both comments above. There's really nothing you can do as of now for the next written exam which won't be for a long while. You can't even guarantee what will be on that test. In my opinion your best bet would be to keep out of trouble, stay in the gym, and have some fall back plans just in case. I might take the next exam, this is what I plan on doing.

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    If you need info, the FDNY 06 thread and the FDNY List 6019 thread are packed full with everything. You can get info on what neiborhoods to move to in the city from how to get a cab driver to take you from JKF to the other side of town without bull****ting you about engine failure. With the way the last test went, the best things to do to get yourself in the best position IMHO would be to get a place in the city for the 5 points. Join the military when you get said place in the city and just keep up to date with the recruitment situation.

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