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    Default Alright ladies.... (and gents)

    Yours truly is moving out to the greater metropolitan area of Rossford.

    Just broke it off with my girlfriend of seven years, and it's time to "GTFO" of Vermont and get back down to business. Jake's got me wanting to come out there, and with no real ties in VT anymore, I need a decent place to go.

    Any of you guys know anyone that wants to rent a room out? How about any firefighters in that general area that own their own business that could hire an extra hand for a little while (or a long while even!)?

    PS: Blame this all on RFRDxplorer
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    Bring it on ......we are hiring..............
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    Don't know anyone off the top of my head that's got a place to rent, but I'm sure you'll me able to find something. There are quite a few places in the area that are looking for people. Northwood, Rossford, Lake Township, Perrysburg Township are all right in the same general area and all have some sort of apartments or houses for rent. Hell, you could probably even buy a house fairly cheap!!
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