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    Default Vehicle grant details?

    We are considering submitting a vehicle grant this year. We are applying to replace the oldest engine in our fleet, a 1985 Kenworth L-100 open cab and I have a few questions regarding the details supplied in the grant application.

    1) How much detail do you put into the application (i.e. tank size, pump capacity, number of intake and discharge and their location, compartmentation, generator etc)?

    2) Would this information be put in the grant application details or the narrative?

    3) Since this truck is probably our busiest and is specialized (ldh hose reel) should this be specified in the application or narrative?

    4) Since all neighboring companies run with 5" ldh and we use 4" would we specify that we would upgrade to be compatible with other companies?

    5) Is the truck equipped (i.e. hose, adapters, hand tools etc) through the vehicle grant or it covered under the operation and safety portion?

    6) Vehicle grants are scored seperately from other grants , correct?

    I would also be interested in any successful vehicle grants, leipsicvfc@comcast.net . Thanks for any replies, I sure I'll have more questions between now and the close of the grants.


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    Don't tie your hands with this application. Specify major things, such as pump size, tank size, generator, LDH hose reel, but don't kill them with details. Peer reviewers don't care how the truck is laid out, where the compartments are, etc. You need to spend your effort showing them why you need the truck, why you can't afford it yourself, and the impact this engine will have on your everyday operations.

    You can include the costs of outfitting the truck, hose, wrenches, tools, etc. However remember, this will significantly drive up the costs of your proposal making you less likely to receive an award. Trucks are hard enough to get funded, so if you can eat the costs of the hose etc yourself you will be helping your chances.

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