Hello everyone. I am 17 years old and a Junior in High School. It has been my dream and goal to join FDNY since I was able to walk. I have wanted it all my life. I have also always had an interest in joining the Military as well. So I figured, since I can't join FDNY until I'm 21 I could put in some Military time after High School. So I have a couple questions for anyone who knows the answer. I heard from somebody that I could take the FDNY FF Exam prior to leaving for Basic Training for the military and since I will be either on a base somewhere or possibly overseas, I would not be able to go to NYC to take the psych, physical, health, and the other exams. So what this person said was that if they call my name for those exams listed above, and/or call my name off the list to go to Probie School, and I'm still in the Military, they HAVE to hold my spot and get my tests done and put me in the next Academy Class once I am able to go to NYC and complete those things and/or go to the Academy.

Now my question is is this true? And also, is this a reliable and wise option in your opinion?
Also, for those who have been in the Military prior to joining a fire department, would you recommend going for some sort of Firefighting job/MOS? Or anything in the Military? I know either way you get +5 points on the FDNY FF Exam.

Any other questions, suggestions, comments, concerns, etc. are greatly appreciated.
Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me, it really helps me out.