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    Default Hello Everyone!

    Hey all,

    My name is Scott, and I have been in school for about a year now, studying fire science. My main point for getting onto this forum is to gather some ideas from other FF, who have already gone through the process of being hired.

    So any helpful hints, ideas ect would work! I am 22 and have family out here in Arizona in the Scottsdale Fire Dept. Although I am not done with school, I would like to get on somewhere here in Arizona.

    What would be the best route to go? I am very eager to work, its just very difficult out here to get on somewhere. I am not looking for the easy road either, I would like to get my degree in fire science, but want to start as a firefighter as soon as possible.

    I am a volunteer for the SFD right now, nothing major, I drop off and pick up different stuff from the stations out here. I have done a number of ride alongs, and I try to put myself in good opportunities, such as charity events for fire depts, and of course the volunteering.

    So, thats me, any advice would help.


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    Default hi

    Greetings from Ohio USA

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    Welcome Scott- you might find some of the information you need to get hired over at There is some information posted there that you are looking for.

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