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    Default Fire exposure reporting

    Iíve been in fire investigations for the past 6 months or so and have a question for you guys: How do you document exposures in your fire reports? I am specifically referring to fires in multi-family dwellings where you have many addresses in a single large fire building.
    My city uses the Firehouse program to enter data for fire reports and that information is then funneled into the NFIRS system. I am familiar with how the program is set up to add additional exposures, I was just curious as to how far you go in documenting the property of each owner.
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    You can add it just like a normal exposure. This is going to cause more work for the c.o's. Another way is under the occupant section (third tab I think) add them as you would anyone else. If that does not work PM me and I will come to the office and see if other options are possible.
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    I was wondering if anybody could tell me where or email me a fire report. I am currently doing one for a specific fire in my college coursework. I have a rough draft done, but am really curious about getting another report to compare and contrast, perhaps get ideas.

    Any help would really be great.


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