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    Default Staffing Software

    I am looking to see if anyone uses any type of staffing software for volunteer station staffing? If so what kind are you using? I am aware of telestaff, which is to complex for what I need it for. Also if anyone has any experience using code messaging software, please provide me with some feed back. Thanks and stay safe.

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    try going to http://www.radsoftware.org. they have great stuff for cheap and you can down load it for a demo.

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    Default Also looking for best Career staff scheduling software

    Hey KDOG,
    I'm with a career department and i'm looking for the same thing. Has anyone used any software they liked or some to stay away from?

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    Check out www.iamresponding.com...We just went to this program and the scheduling module works great. We looked at others and this was a good fit. We do not use the responding module but all other parts of the program are easy to use, easy to set up and help with daily operations. Combination department with career and part time staff.

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