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    Default Station Modifications

    Looking for some help on station modifications. We are requesting a station compressor (we received a SCBA grant last year), a gear washer/extractor and dryer cabinet. We also need to do some mods to our station to install these. The electric needs to have outlets added for all 3 units. We will need to enclose the compressor in a room (db levels). I see the AFG guide does not have provisions for these mods. If I submit for them, will my request be denied or have a lesser chance of getting to peer or better?

    It is already justified and ready to go but I want to make the right choice. Any help will be great. Thanks in advance.
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    As long as you are not changing the footprint of your structure, and the expenses are less than $10,000, they are eligible if added to your budget in the construction category and adequately justified in the narrative.

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    Great. Thanks Sly. They fall in line with that.

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    Or buy an enclosed/quiet compressor. May have to go to better quality brand. A compressor doesn't have to be a rattling banging POS. Get what you pay for.

    Bauer has some that you can stand next to while talking on your phone.

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