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    Default Firefighting foam

    We have ethylene storage(-101.3C), propylene, ethane spheres with fixed foam arrangement to the dykes.How do this foam effectively help as the liquified hydcarbon will vaporize when in contact with air.

    can anyone lead me to a site where the process of foam formation from the concentrate is described in pictures or to the role played by the water and air with the foam concentrate in foam formation.
    I am googling as well


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    1) Someone designed the tank as a multi product tank. Alot of terminals do this so they don't have to retrofit a tank to accomadate a new chemical later on down the road. The most likely scenerio.

    2) It may be a local or state recquirement regardless of the chemical involved.

    3) The designer/engineer had no clue what was actually going in there.

    As far as the foam, Google would be your best shot unless someone already has one ready made for a class. I'll look but since a personal signifigant event, I have lost a large amount of resource I have collected over the years.

    Good luck!

    Be safe, R2

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