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    Default FDIC E-ONE Engine giveaway results

    Folks, due in no small part from your help, Hines Vol. FD came in 2nd. Congratulations are in order for Powellsville, NC VFD as the E-One giveaway winners. It was pretty cool, E-One had all 7 FD's lettering ready to go on the doors. I must say that E-One was a very gracious host and has very honest and straightup management. Their intention to "Pay it Forward", was made loud and clear at FDIC. Which by the way was OUT OF SIGHT.
    Again, thanks for your support, next time!

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    Good run of it Jon, and definitely congrats to Powellsville and thanks to E-One for helping out someone in need.

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    Kidding. You had my vote hines. Congrats to Powellsville

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    congrats to Powelsville for being selected. All of the finalist had real needs and any one of them could have won..
    Hope yo had a great time in Indy Jon.

    Now if we could only convince other manufacturers to follow suit.
    [ just thinking out loud ]

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    You failed to mention that you guys came in 2nd place though! There was also some pretty good prizes and items that went to all of the 7 finalists werent' there? I was there when they made the announcment and was trying to make my way up to shake hands but the crowd was crazy and we were strapped for time.

    This was a great event for one and all. Just seeing the reaction of the Chief from Powelsville was worth it.

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    Default 2010

    I just saw on the web site, the contest is on again for 2010!!

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    Thumbs up

    Very cool Jonathan. Very cool indeed.

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