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Thread: Strange info ?

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    Question Strange info ?

    On Wed. rec'd call from NH State Senetor Shaheen about receiveing grant. Fire Dept is one of five posted for Friday Grant winners. Then Friday afternoon get two dear john emails. Sent email back about asking this

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    Wow! Talk about "bait and switch".......That is crazy. Hopefully, things will work out ok.
    Just someone trying to help! (And by the way....Thanks for YOUR help!)

    Aggressive does not have to equal stupid.

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    What were the app #'s on the DJs? Wouldn't be the first time they had a system glitch, the emails are automated after a couple of boxes are checked. Hit the wrong one and wrong email goes out.

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    That's no crazier than your award letter arriving before your 10q's I suppose, every department that received awards in our congressional district saw that last year.

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    Sorry to hear the bad news for nuke. Some may recall his previous "issue" which may be affecting this.

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    Bummer. I just got an e-mail from "her" too and it was detailing her concerns about my concerns, but her e-mail was actually saying I didn't read your e-mail and I'm going to talk out my arse instead. I say that because she contradicted everything I said and didn't actually feel like she read it. Which she probably didn't.
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    Default Reading Letters

    I know things change over time and with positions. But I have to say when she was Governor of the State (way back when), I got a personal letter back from a letter that I sent her with a concern. At that point, I was working in a position where I saw her and her staff a few times a year. Some how this personal letter came up and I was told by her driver (a trooper) that she reads her letters while driving to meetings and personally directs most of the response. I was very impressed. I have to say back in the 1990s - I thought the various NH legislators were very approachable. I saw then, Senator Smith hanging out a literally water coolers talking to "Joe the plumber types" and spending a lot of time answering some crazy questions. I have sense moved to NY and needless to say - things are just not the same. Maybe it was the time... but be grateful for what you have in NH.

    Sorry about your grant snafu - hopefully AFG will make good.

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