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    Default Percentage score for Physical Agility

    Does anyone know of a method to apply a percentage score to a physical agility time. I know most are pass/fail but we would like to take the list of times and apply a score to each. I know that New Jersey tests candidates and applies a percentage score to times. I just have no idea how to go about it.

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    a certain time frame pertains to a percentage?

    If your timeline is 10 minutes, could you safely say that

    8:30 is 100%
    9:00 is 90%
    9:30 is 80%
    10:00 is 70%

    or something like that?

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    Default Scored Physical Testing

    I know on the last Dept. I tested for (West Metro) they used a scoring system like this...

    4:09 = 100%
    4:34 = 95%
    4:59 = 90%...etc

    0:05 sec = 1 percentage point

    So, depending on test, determine what a "perfect" score is and rank it accordingly.

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