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    Default Hearing and medical exams

    I'm seriously looking into pursuing firefighting, potentially starting the academy this fall. The problem is I have no eardrum in my left ear. My other ear is fine and if you know anything about the difference between having one and two ears you know that it doesn't mean I hear things at half the volume of other people, it has more to do with the ability to discern between multiple sounds.

    My question is in the academy or after when taking medical exams for a job will I be instantly denied when the doctor realizes I have no hearing in one ear, is there any definite rule for this or anyone who can tell me for sure if firefighting is a possibility for me?

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    For the best answer I would contact the academy, I'm sure they could tell you, that way you have info from the source.

    Best of luck

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    I also have fairly significant hearing deficits in my left ear from being born with half an eardrum, and I am scheduled for a physical exam for DeKalb County GA next week. I don't have problems hearing people and it's never affected my performance as a medic or FF, but I'm worried about being disqualified for not meeting minimum hearing requirements in that ear.

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