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    Default RIT Pack Question

    We just got funding for 2 RIT packs was wondering what other departments have in the packs?

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    Talking Rit Packs

    Our department carries two complete sets of "RIT" equipment. The following are items that we have found useful:

    A complete air pack with and extra face piece
    Duct tape (to repair small cracks in the face shield itself)
    2 30' sections of high strength webbing with caribeaners (for moving a downed firefighter)
    A RIT team checklist, that has a dry erase board for making a sketch of the structure, ladder placement and hazard reminders, etc. It also has a list of equipment that is recommended to have staged on the RIT tarp, separated from everyone elses equipment.
    RIT team helmet shields (like most accountability shields with velcro on one side) for our people to attach to their helmet.

    Hope this helps.

    Jordan Samson
    Englewood, Ohio

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    Default RIT Tools

    How did you make out with your RIT equipment? What did you end up with?
    Here is what DCFD carries:
    1. Rescue saw with metal blade
    2. Rescue saw with wood blade
    3. Pickhead axe
    4. Two sledgehammers
    5. Hyraram
    6. Spare SCBA, complete with face piece
    7. Life line/Search rope
    8. Stokes basket to carry all the tools and in the event used to evacuate F/F
    Also use the TURK to haul around the stokes basket www.turkrescue.com

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