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    im 18 years old and have been going to college for fire science and i am a member of the fire tech club. Ive been wanting to join the air force as a fire protection specialist and i have called a few recruiters and they all say they cant guarantee fire fighting. i was just coming here to ask whether or not this is true and if its not how i can work at them to get me to guarantee me. so basically i need to find out the best approach to getting these guys or gals to guarantee me the job. Thanks Chad

    i was thinking maybe to let them talk to me and invest time in me letting them know im kinda loose then play hard ball fire fighter only but let me know your guys insight please

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    i ment Apprentice not specialist heh

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    hey chad
    The military recruiters that you talk to at the recruiting office cannot promise you anything. My recruiter before even saying his name said "if you want me to guarentee you anything I cannot, if you have real questions or multiple interest then we can talk." your job depends on what you qualify for you could have a 4.0 GPA and a BSA in nursing but if you donnot meet the critea for a aerospace medical apprentice you will not get the job. the required ASVAB score is 43 and the recruiter at MEPS will be the recruiter to say yes or no on that. remember do not take a general enlistment. If you want to be a firefighter or EMT then do aerospace medical apprentice or fire protection apprentice and get it in writing from the MEPS recruiter.

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    There are quite a few threads in this subforum about getting in and trying to get a guarantee. Do an advanced search and trust me, the info is there.

    Now days though it's getting harder and harder to get guaranteed slots because the Air Force is reducing fire protection manning and going towards making base fire protection a civilian job here in the states. Still plenty of fire protection slots overseas though..

    Biggest tip to you though is to stay persistant (but not rude) and don't let it get you down.. let them know you're willing to wait. DO NOT GO OPEN GENERAL! Make sure they know you're in this for the long haul.


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